December 2020 Update

Those of you who have driven or walked along the A 404 during the year will have noticed a continued improvement in the Estate boundary.

At the beginning of the year, it was marked by a dilapidated ivy-covered fence, with a view of dense undergrowth behind.

It was uninviting, and unattractive.

In the Spring, TRDC replaced the fence with a new knee-high post and rail which gave a much better view of the jungle!

When Government restrictions have permitted, the “Friends” working parties have been removing the invasive elder and sycamore, and cutting back straggly holly.

This will allow more space for silver birch, laburnum and mature holly trees, and will give a much better view of the wonderful rhododendrons.

The view from the road is now much more inviting, and has attracted many more visitors not only during lockdown, but also in the summer.

If you are walking in the part of the Estate that we have been clearing, look out for rabbit holes. The other trip hazards are the 150 or so tree stumps remaining.

However, we are very grateful to TRDC who have paid for contractors to remove the stumps.

Do come and enjoy the Estate – and if you want to know more about our working parties, get in touch with

Here’s Dave, with his remote-controlled two-ton grinder.

When he’d finished, it looked like a WW1 battlefield.

However, one more session by our volunteers raked it smooth.

We’ve finished for 2020, and will seed it in the Spring.

And finally, here’s a useful tip we’ve discovered if you can’t get a bonfire going when everything is wet – a leaf-blower works wonders!