Here is a selection of some of the butterflies you might see on the Estate. Small Copper and Marbled White are the least likely and Painted Lady is rare most years, but a large number arrived in 2009. It would be great if you could report, via the Contact Us link, what butterflies you see. To help identify them when out and about you can download this short guide (600k PDF file).

During the annual survey of butterflies carried out on the Estate during the summer of 2009, the following species were recorded: Orange Tip, Large White, Small White, Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Hedge Brown, Meadow Brown, Small Skipper, Common Blue, Holly Blue, Small Copper, Comma, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Peacock, S/Tortoishell and Ringlett. It was also noted that during the summer the Marbled White and Clouded Yellow butterflies were spotted but not a single Burnett moth was seen.

Speckled Wood
In woods!

Small Skipper
Very small. Looks more like a moth.

Meadow Brown
Flutters low over grass. Very common. Colour varies somewhat.

Green-Veined White
White wings with prominent greenish veins on hind wing.

Likes hedgerows. Smaller than Meadow Brown & more orange. Note double spot (if seen close up.)

Common Blue, male
Near Bird’s-foot Trefoil (caterpillar food plant.)

Grass / scrub / hedgerows. Very dark brown. Smallish. Will fly in the rain.

Common Blue, female

Orange Tip
Early (May – June).

Red Admiral

Strong, high flier. Male clear yellow, female paler.

Small Copper
July onwards. Small and very active.

Very distinctive wing shape.


Painted lady
Summer visitor. Common in some years, rare in others.