As April approaches, the snowdrops are over, and the daffodils have come into bloom.

There are two sorts of daffodil on the Estate: big ones in the Parkland, small ones in Wood Walk. The big ones are cultivated, and are sterile. The small ones are wild; they are fertile, and spread by seeds so it is good to keep them well apart to discourage cross-pollination

In the Nature Reserve, there are swathes of delicate purple violets. Soon the bluebells will be out in the woods, and cowslips in the Reserve, whilst the fresh young green is starting to show on the trees.

Late April is bluebell time! The best ones are in Wood Walk, behind the football pitches.

To get there, enter the Estate via Lady Ela Drive off the A404 and park near the football pitches. Cross the field immediately adjacent to the football pitches, keeping the pitches on your left, and go through the gap in the woods.

Turn left for the best bluebells

Or go straight ahead for the lovely view across the Chess to Sarratt, where buttercups, dandelions and daisies make a colourful show in the field.

Slideshow of some Spring photos taken on the Estate

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