The River Chess

The River Chess, which runs along one side of the Estate, has been recognised as a chalk stream of European significance.
Established footpaths through the fields and woods of the Estate lead down to the Chess Valley and link up with the Chess Valley Circular Walk which guides ramblers through glorious scenery and highlights certain river activities.

The view from the community woodland
down to the Chess Valley
The Estate meets the Chess by a footbridge in an area popular, especially during the summer months, for both paddling and as a pretty picnicking spot.

Restoring the River Bank

The popularity of the riverside has made it difficult to restore the bank in the approved way. Some years ago, rolls of coir were grafted into the bank, held in position by wooden stakes. It was expected that the normal vegetation of the bank would grow into these to make a new and firmer edge to the river. This has not happened, the river has eroded the bank again, but it is still accessible for paddling. Volunteers from the Friends group along with TRDC keep the picnic area free of nettles.

A dead hedge has been created beside the river that will provide a secure corridor for the watervole to use, out of sight of predators.

It’s a great place for picnics, though bonfires are not allowed.