Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden by the side of the House has been transformed from an unkempt wilderness to a place of order and beauty once again. The formal garden – developed more than 100 years ago during the Victorian era by Lady Ela and her team of gardeners had succumbed to negligence and over growth.

Over several years, volunteer working parties pruned the roses and hydrangeas, cleared and planted the beds, replaced the corner conifers and other shrubs. An urn which was sitting unseen in the bushes was transferred to a central plinth and the path has been re-laid with gravel. In the spring there are snowdrops, and later on fucshia, sedum, roses and hydrangeas. It remains a tranquil spot all the year round – except during the Kindergarten break time when the children delight in walking along the surrounding bank!

The garden is maintained by volunteers, TRDC contractors and a generous gift by Fay Caplin enabling us to have the occasional service of her gardener.

Though close to the House, the Sunken Garden itself remains part of the public area of the Estate and visitors can see a side of the grounds that is very different to the wildness of the woods or the expanse of the fields.