The Summer House

The red and white Summer House standing alone between the house and the public tennis courts is an example of Boulton and Paul’s work – they were noted designers of parkland buildings. It was described in their catalogue as a Japanese tea house, and Lady Ela would use it for tea parties, scrolling up a large blind to allow the view across the parkland. During the war, the Chorleywood WVS used it when ladies would sort rivets as part of the war effort. Later it was used as a nursery school, and then it fell into disuse.

It has now been renovated and re-wired, and makes a delightful meeting room. It is available for hire, although there are no washing or toilet facilities. Contact us for further details.

The Ice House

Near to the remains of Dell Farm, a brick lined chamber has been hollowed out of the earth bank. This was built as an Ice House for Lady Ela by the grandfather of Jim Vine, who visited the Estate recently. For safety reasons, it has been closed by a metal door, but with a gap left at the top for the bats who sometimes roost in it.