Ornamental Pond

Our project for Summer 2011 – To restore the ornamental pond

The pond in front of the House was a “fire pond” from which water could be quickly brought in the event of a fire in the House.

It had become neglected, and was leaking, so our volunteers have taken on the task of emptying, cleaning , re-sealing, re-filling and restocking it.

We have been assisted by a very generous donation from Mrs Fay Caplin, together with support from the residents of the House, the Solesbridge Mill Water Gardens, and hopefully ………. from Veolia Water.

This is what the pond was like 5 years ago – quite full!

But cracks developed in the side walls and scallops, and by Spring 2011 the level had dropped by about 2 feet.

But before we could pump the water out ………..

………. we had to make a temporary home for the water-lilies

………. and for some goldfish and tadpoles ……

THEN we could start emptying out the slurry ……….

until it looked like this ……….

Let it dry, then shovel out the rest ……….

until it looks like this ………

Then fill in the cracks, sweep up any bits, and seal it.

And it now looks like this!!

So what next?

We are waiting to hear from Veolia if they will give us 50 cubic metres of water from the main supply. (Filling it with a hose would take 5 days!)

Once the chlorine etc. in the mains water has evaporated, and it is a similar temperature to that in the paddling pools, we shall re-home the water-lilies (and fish).

We shall plant more water-lilies in the shallower water in the scallops.

Since it is an ornamental pond, not a wild-life pond, we have invited the Common Ranger to use it as a new home for all the gold-fish that thoughtless people have released into the ponds on the Common.

[N.B. All text and photographs courtesy Tim Venner]