Restoration of the Fire Pond

The ornamental pond in front of the house was leaking, so Friends volunteers cleared out the sludge, and re-sealed it in preparation for re-filling with fresh water.

It took less time to fill than we expected. After 27 hours it was half full.

Having left the water to aerate for 3 days we were ready to re-stock it with lilies. Andy, the Common Ranger, donned his wet-suit and braved the deep!

He took the old lilies that we had re-potted, and new ones from Solesbridge Mill Water Gardens.

Since it is an ornamental pond, not a wild-life pond, we invited Andy to use it as a new home for all the gold-fish that thoughtless people have released into the ponds on the Common. Here are some of the first 100 ………!

Did you know that when goldfish arrive in a new home, the first thing they do is swim round the perimeter to explore !

This is what it looked like after we had finished. I know you can’t see the fish, but trust me – they’re in there somewhere.

[N.B. All text and photographs courtesy Tim Venner]